Pre-financing of credits for APIA subventions

EximBank grants to the APIA subsidies beneficiaries credits aiming at financing the working capital needed for the agricultural activity up to the moment of cashing in the APIA subvention. Value: maximum 80% of the APIA subvention for the PNDR measures; maximum 90% of the APIA subvention for other measures/ support schemes Currency: Romanian Lei Tenor: […]

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Investments credit for SME

Currency : RON Tenor: maximum 7 years Facility: – minimum: 50,000 Lei – maximum: 2 Mio. Lei

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Credit facility for current activity

  Currency : RON Tenor: maximum 12 months Facility: – minimum: 50,000 Lei – maximum: 2 Mio. Lei

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Export credits

This facility may cover costs related to goods production and delivery as well as services providing for export purposes.

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Current activity credits

By using this facility you can cover the temporary cash deficit of your company via a flexible financing mechanism, accustomed to your specific financial state.

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Investments credits

It is a credit recommended if you intend to develop your business and need financing to cover costs related to modernizing/extending your activity.

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