Ours financial instruments are targeted exclusively to the corporate segment and accessible to any kind of company SMEs or big companies, active only locally or involved in international transactions.



EximBank grants a 5 Million Euro financing facility to Italsofa Romania

Bucharest, 18 August 2021 – EximBank has granted a 5 Million Eur financing facility to Italsofa Romania, one of the largest companies in furniture industry in Romania. The funds will cover the necessary liquidity for current business and have been guaranteed by a state aid guarantee issued under the Governmental Program for supporting large companies […]

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EximBank finances with RON 167 million the current activity of ALRO Slatina

Bucharest, 14 July 2021 – EximBank granted a financing facility amounting to RON 167 million to ALRO Slatina, the only producer of aluminium and aluminium alloys in Romania and one of the largest vertically integrated aluminium producers in Europe, measured by production capacity. The funds are intended to provide the necessary liquidity for the current […]

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The financial support governmental program for large companies is extended up to the end of the year

Bucharest, June 16, 2021 –  The financial support program for large companies and SMEs with a turnover of more than 20 Million Lei in 2019, implemented by EximBank under the special mandate of the Romanian state will be in force all year long due  to the extension of its  validity up to December 31st 2021. […]

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Extended dead line for large companies to express their interest in accessing the support financial program

The dead line for large companies and SMEs with a turnover higher than 20 Million Lei in 2019 to express their interest in accessing loans or guarantees under the state aid governmental program – part of the Program for investment and re-launching of the economy – has been extended up to May 31st, 2021. The […]

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Currency Exchanges Transactions

The companies have access to quotations for up front (Today/Tomorrow/Spot) and delayed (Forward) currency exchanges as well as to other components that facilitate the analysis and graph representations of the evolutions on the financial markets


The Insurance – Reinsurance company Exim Romania specializes in covering financial risks both for export operations and internal commercial transactions.



Acting as a state agent on the Romanian market of guarantees and insurance, EximBank is the main channel for the public funds made available by the state to be disposed in the real economy.