Insurance policy covering the risk of foreign payments for non-market risks


By this policy, a company is certain to receive up to 85% of the value of its exports to countries with non-market risks, irrespective of the evolution of the foreign buyer’s finances and the development of commercial, political and force majeure risks in the respective country.

  • Romanian exporters without any other form of insurance committed
  • insured period: up to 2 years – the policy may be renewed
  • currency: RON or other currencies, same as the export contract

Insured risks

  • Commercial risks:
    • arbitrary cancellation of a contract by a private debtor, or any arbitrary decision to cease or suspend the contract;
    • insolvency of the private debtor and their guarantor;
    • long-standing debts unpaid by a private debtor or their guarantor;
  • Political risks:
    • default of payment risk for a public debtor;
    • risk associated with the possibility of a public debtor or country to block an export transaction;
    • risks beyond the will/power of individual buyers or for which individual buyers are not responsible;
    • risks related to a certain country not allowing that the amounts payable by debtors in that country be transferred to the insured party’s country.
    • force majeure outside of the insured party’s country, which includes but is not limited to war, unless covered by other types of insurance.
  • the policy covers risks which cannot be reinsured
  • no guarantees are required in order for an insurance policy to be issued
  • the policy may be used as a collateral, to provide funding for exports
  • allows the access of Romanian exporters to markets with a high risk exposure


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