Insurance policy for buyer’s credit


The foreign buyer or their bank, for the payment of imported goods and services. The banks funding exports originated from Romania are thus insured against default of reimbursement.
EximBank insures the recovery of up to 95% of the buyer’s credit value.

  • commercial banks granting buyer’s credits
  • insured period: 2 years or longer
  • currency: RON or the currency of the credit contract

Insured risks

  • commercial risks incurred before or after delivery, due to the debtor’s insolvency or to long-standing debts unpaid by them, or if the debtor cancels the export contract unilaterally, including by an unjustified refusal to accept exported goods and services;
  • political risks incurred before or after delivery (difficulties and delays in transferring money from the importer’s country, as a result of a general moratorium on foreign debt, actions taken by foreign governments which impede the running of the export contract, other risks regarding public debtors)
  • force majeure risks (natural catastrophes, floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, wars etc.)
  • protects the funding bank against the risk of default of reimbursement for the credit and interest, from financial and political reasons
  • facilitates the access of Romanian exporters on foreign markets with a high degree of risk exposure
  • the policy may cover only the principal of the buyer’s credit, or the principal and pertaining interest

Questionnaire on Environmental and Social Impacts of Export Transactions


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