EximBank included three Master students in its internship program

Bucharest, December 09, 2013 – Laura Boitan, Bogdan Olteanu and Aura Radu are the three Master students from the Faculty of Finance, Insurance, Banks and Stock Exchange (FFIBSE) in the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest that will be taking part from the beginning of next year to the internship program inside EximBank.

The three students have been selected based on several evaluation stages conducted both by the professorial body from FFIBSE and EximBank experts; 18 Master students have reached the last stage of the selection process. The three students will start working in EximBank in January 2014. The program will last for 12 months and the participants will be paid for their work.

”The selection process has been quite difficult because we have met some of the most endowed students form the master programs organized by the Faculty of Finance, Insurance, Banks and Stock Exchange. The three finalists have proved vast economical and banking knowledge, having the chance to apply it to practical conditions. I am deeply convinced that at the end of the program the three students will remain in EximBank, as part of our team and having the chance to participate with their fresh ideas and specific energy to the modernization process of our bank”, declared Traian Halalai, President of EximBank.

Laura Boitan (23) is enrolled in the Master program for Banks and Money policies, Bogdan Olteanu (22) follows the Finance Banking Master program– DOFIN ( authorized as Doctoral School for Finance and Banking),whilst Aura Radu (23) is part of the Master program for Banks and Insurance (BANCAS).

„I had the pleasure of being professionally interviewed, not a classic <3 strengths and 3 weaknesses> type. When I say I mean it was an interactive experience during which I had to answer theoretical questions with impact in the practical area. As I am just beginning my career the main expectancy I have is to gather extended and diverse knowledge that will foster my professional development. I expect to be part of a dynamic, united, result oriented team, having as a common goal reaching the top.” said Aura Radu.

Laura Boitan appreciated the fact that the selection process has ended with a technical interview and has offered the chance to interact with the banks’ experts. ” During this internship year I wish to be involved in projects, to get various tasks and to contribute to daily operations, especially in the Treasury, Internal Audit and Financing Departments”, she explained.

”The interview focused on basic knowledge of a graduate from the Faculty of Finance, Insurance, Banks and Stock Exchange and I was given the opportunity to answer coherently in finding solutions to problems that I have not met during my studies in the faculty. I am excited about this opportunity to work in EximBank and I hope it will be a successful experience”, said Bogdan Olteanu.

EximBank is joining the group of companies interested in a responsible approach toward society by starting this internship program in a partnership with the Faculty of Finance, Insurance, Banks and Stock Exchange.

”EximBank is determined to look closely to educational programs tailored for various types of target audiences because the good results of any organization, regardless of its type, is tightly connected to the development level of the community that it is part of and to its social environment”, underlined Traian Halalai.

Thus, EximBank has implemented several educational programs for secondary and high school levels aiming at supporting the developing of the banking and entrepreneurial culture. One of them is the program developed by the National Bank of Romania that introduced form first grades the optional discipline Financial education- aiming at educate the future informed consumers of banking products and services. Also, along with Junior Achievement, EximBank has been participating in more than 15 meetings organized in various high schools in the country under the activities implemented in the entrepreneurial projects „Company” and „Enterprise without Borders”.