EximBank opens three branches: Baia Mare, Bistrita and Suceava

Bucharest, December 15, 2014 – EximBank is opening today three agencies located in la Baia Mare, Bistrita and Suceava – reaching its target of operating a network of 20 units at the beginning of 2015 as compared to 12 at the end of 2012.

”For EximBank, the last two years have represented a strategic challenge doubled by the need of quick, decisive action in order to exploit the extraordinary potential of this bank. EximBank has changed its business model and holds now a privileged position in terms of results and resources. Thus, in the circumstances of the banking system’s negative results of last years, EximBank has been holding its top position in the ranking of profitable banks being on a trend that, according to last estimations, will continue this year. Also, as long as the banking infrastructure has been going through a restructuring process EximBank is one of the few banks – should not the only one- that has been expanding its commercial network.”, said Traian Halalai, President of EximBank.

He added that the expansion model adopted by the bank focused on an efficient national coverage with agencies having a maximum of three employees, no back office services and addressing companies form an average of two counties.

”We intend to be much more present on the market and to quickly answer to the companies’ requests. This is why we have opened these units, based on our conviction that we are able to contribute to the business environment and local economy development as well. The process of increasing the efficiency of the commercial network will continue next year but the focus will move on relocating some units from the country that function in spaces that are not suitable for our actual needs.”, added Traian Halalai.

The agencies in Baia Mare (34, Gheorghe Sincai str.), Bistrita (19, Alexandru Odobescu Str.) and Suceava (Vasile Alecsandri Str.) will target companies from Bistrita Nasaud, Maramures, Suceava and Botosani counties and will offer the full range of products and services of EximBank: financing, guarantees, insurance as well as treasury products, cash management and trade finance.

EximBank is a specialized institution whose threefold product portfolio focused on financing, guarantee and insurance, enables it to grant assistance to current activities and development of exporters, SME-s and companies involved in projects pertaining to key economic sectors.

During the last two years, EximBank has been focusing on offering integrated financial solutions for the business environment and has been successfully including in its portfolio companies form Romanian business elite Antibiotice, Astra Vagoane Calatori, Romcab, Aquila, Romelectro, Adrem Invest, Agricover IFN, Grup Servicii Petroliere or Alro.

The bank has an accelerate trend of activity, the net credits portfolio of EximBank after the first nine months of the year being by 33% higher than at the end of 2013. Bank’s representatives estimate that by the end of 2014 the total new financing volume will reach 1 Billion Lei.