Official support practices adapted to current commercial trends – on focus for the Export Credit Working Group of European Union Council

Bucharest, May 20, 2019 – Reaching a common technical position of the EU member states in terms of approaching the international markets and the status of the  financial instruments in their portfolio that may contribute to the global commerce development with a  focus on adapting their practices to current international trends,  represented the main topic of the meeting of the Export Credit Working Group of the European Union Council in Bucharest, at the end of last week.

The informal meeting was organized under the Romanian Presidency of the European Union Council during the first semester of this year by the Export – Import Bank of Romania that holds the presidency of the Export Credit Working Group of the European Union Council.

”The international background, more and more competitive and challenging in terms of technology, international manufacturing flows and financial instruments needed by the companies that wish to approach the  international markets created the need for a constant international dialogue in order to shape the regulatory framework adapted to the actual demands.  It is an opportunity for EximBank, that holds the presidency of the export credit group in Brussels to contribute under the  Europe of Convergence Pillar  to develop the debate that will allow integrating quickly the necessary changes into the specific  financial architecture of the export credit agencies’ activity”, said Traian Halalai, Executive President of EximBank.

He also expressed his confidence that the Informal Meeting of the Export Credit Group of the European Union Council in Bucharest, that benefited from the presence of 50 experts in export credit from EU member states will contribute to consolidating the harmonization process of the main applicable regulations for export credit in European Union and to insuring the convergence with the competitivity levels on international markets on level playing field conditions.

EximBank is actively involved for more than 25 years in supporting and promoting the Romanian business environment by endorsing local companies’ projects.  EximBank has started out as export agency and further developed on several levels maintaining its uniqueness. Following adjustments in strategy, implemented in order to adapt to national and global economic developments, EximBank is now able to offer to corporate segment an attractive portfolio of products and services either for  SMEs or big companies, active internationally or exclusively on local markets. In addition, by acting as state agent on the Romanian market for guarantees and insurance, EximBank is the main channel for public funds of Romanian State to be infused in the real economy supporting the increase of local companies’ competitivity.