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EXCHANGE MARKET EximBank offers competitive calculations for pairs of currencies including RON as well as for pairs of foreign currencies.

  • Transactions with clearing date TODAY
  • Transactions with clearing date SPOT (clearing ≤ T+2)

Client’s option to place transaction orders at a limited exchange rate


DERIVATIVES EximBank offers the following structures for protection against foreign exchange risks:

  • FORWARD transactions (clearing >T+2) for the due dates indicated by the client
  • SWAP transactions



  • Standard and non – standard period deposits – (in order to place a cash excess client may constitute deposits with preferential rates, in RON or other currencies, for amounts higher than 100,000 RON, 50.000 EUR/USD)
  • Automatic Overnight – option of having an overnight deposit automatically with preferential interest rates (minimal amount 100.000 RON, 50.000 EUR or USD)


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