EximBank launches the six-month PLUS Deposit in lei, with an interest rate of 8.00%

Bucharest, 01st February, 2023 – EximBank launches the PLUS Deposit, with the payment of the interest on the due date, a product that is addressed to individual clients who want to benefit from attractive interest rates for deposits set up in Lei or Euro from new funds, the bank increasing at the same time the interest rates for standard deposits.

“We are launching this new savings campaign starting from the answer we have received so far from the Romanians who are looking for efficient financial instruments to protect their savings, but also because we want to encourage the adoption of a responsible financial behavior that includes saving. It is an attractive product, with a competitive interest rate and no withdrawal fee at maturity, which, like the other savings products in the bank’s portfolio, can be an alternative for securing personal finances”, said Traian Halalai, Executive President of EximBank.

For the Lei PLUS Deposit  set up from new funds for a period of 6 months, the bank grants an interest rate of 8.00% per year. The interest is fixed for the entire contractual period and is paid at the maturity of the deposit, which does not have the option of automatic extension. Regarding the PLUS Deposit in Euro, EximBank offers an interest rate of 2.50% for the one formed of new funds for a six months period and an interest rate of 2.65% for the deposit in euro for a period of 12 months. In this case as well, the interest is fixed for the entire contractual period and is paid at the maturity of the deposit.

The offer is valid until 31st March, 2023, for deposits of at least 500 lei for the PLUS Deposit in Lei and 150 euros for the PLUS Deposit in Euro, and the bank does not charge any commission for the cash withdrawal at maturity.

Simultaneously with the launch of this savings campaign, EximBank increases up to 7.25% per year the interest rates on standard deposits set up in Lei for a period of six months, respectively for a period of seven months. For the same deposits, but created online, the interest offered is 7.50%. Also, for the Pensionar Deposit, with the six-month formation period, the interest margin is 7.35%. Increases were also made for the Euro deposits from the portfolio, for all maturities, EximBank granting interest rates of up to 2.00% per year, with additional bonus for those set up online.


Deposit (euro) 1M 3M 4M 6M 7M 9M 12M 18M 24M
Standard 0.80% 1.25% 1.35% 1.50% 1.60% 1.70% 1.75% 1.85% 2.00%
Standard Online 0.90% 1.35% 1.45% 1.60% 1.70% 1.80% 1.85% 1.95% 2.10%
Pensionar Standard 1.40% 1.55% 1.80%

epozit (euro)1M3M4M6M7M9M12M1

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