Halalai, EximBank: We are fully dedicated to implement our commitments

Bucharest, June 25, 2013 – EximBank intends to expand its activity and the actions implemented lately have proved that we are fully dedicated to implement our commitments thus covering the market space emptied by the banks that are restraining their exposure” declared Traian Halalai, President of EximBank during a meeting with the business community recently organized by the bank in Oradea.

”We intend to change the clients’ approach and our colleagues in sales to become real consultants for the companies not only writers for credit application files. We have already made significant steps in this direction –we have opened three agencies, re-shaped the working flows for the commercial services and we have a new organizational concept employing three regional directors coordinating the sales at national level. All these measures are designed to support the bank’s efforts to meet the higher standards of the corporate segment. The measures will allow us to position the bank as a proactive, dynamic and trustful partner for the entrepreneurs” said Traian Halalai.

He added that meeting the business community in Bihor area is part of a strategy meant to activate the bank’s role in order to consolidate the relationship with the business environment. The event in Oradea was the third in a series of such encounters after the ones in Constanta and Cluj Napoca.

The event in Oradea was attended by more than 70 managers from the companies in the region such as Iuventas Exim, Parisot Green Sofa, Solarex, Benvenuti, Nutrientul, Sinteza Oradea, Plastor etc., as well as representatives of local authorities: Claudiu Pop, Head of Bihor County, Cornel Popa, President of the Local County Committee and Ilie Bolojan, Mayor of Oradea.

”We are glad that representatives of the local authorities have answered to our invitation because their presence here allows us to be a catalyst of the relationships between the business environment and the authorities and this triumvirate (EximBank – business environment – local authorities) may offer the perspectives of a healthy economic development of the region”, also declared the President of EximBank.

During the event, EximBank representatives emphasized the readiness of the bank in meeting the demands of the business environment and also the fact that it holds viable financial instruments that might be customized for each company’s profile.

Along with the business event, EximBank also organized a working session with representatives of the local commercial banks active in Oradea in order to identify the most efficient cooperation methods. EximBank pointed out to the 45 representatives of the local banking community that attended the meeting that the bank has set a major goal in facilitating the infusion of as many state funding as possible into the economy, under a partnership with the other commercial banks.

The bank holds in its portfolio additional products as compared to the ones offered by the commercial banks, especially instruments that may contribute to reducing the risks associated with the financing activity on the corporate segment. Guarantees and insurance products enable EximBank to take over a significant part of the risks and fall under the above mentioned category.

During last year the companies that have chosen EximBank as their business partner benefited from guarantees that have facilitated contracting credits of almost 1.4 Bln Ron from the commercial banks on the market.

EximBank is a specialized institution whose threefold product portfolio focused on financing, guarantee and insurance, enables it to grant assistance to current activities and development of exporters, SME-s and companies involved in projects pertaining to key economic sectors, particularly those contributing to the absorption of EU funds.

The Bank has a network of 15 units in Bucharest, Bacau, Brasov, Buzau, Constanta, Cluj, Craiova, Deva, Galati, Iasi, Oradea, Pitesti, Ploiesti, Timisoara and Sibiu; also, interested companies may access additional information on www.eximbank.ro.