Products and services FOR BUSINESSES

  • Authorised Individuals & Micro

    All things were small before they were big, and we are there for you to grow.

  • SME

    Special products for the development of SMEs. Because we believe in fulfilled dreams. Especially in yours!

  • Corporate

    Our products for conducting, developing or modernizing your business recommend us as a solid partner for your business.

  • European Funds

    We offer you all the support for the successful implementation of projects co-financed from non-reimbursable funds.

  • Governmental Programs

    We participate in programs that support companies, carried out by the Romanian state to overcome economic challenges.

  • Trade Finance

    Our experience in supporting international commercial transactions gives us the advantage of being able to outline solutions adapted to each company.


The Insurance – Reinsurance company Exim Romania specializes in covering financial risks both for export operations and internal commercial transactions.