Current Operations

The facilities offered cover the entire financial circuit of a company, collection – administration – payment, providing support for making profitable investment and commercial decisions. Thus, companies can determine and choose the optimal time and cost for the financial – banking transactions.

  • Payment and collection solutions
  • Accounts with special destination
  • E-xim Banking

Payment and collection solutions

The payment/collection tools that EximBank offers – classic or electronic, allow an increased control of the financial resources flow:

  • Standard payment instruments: payment order, cheque, bill of exchange, promissory note;
  • Scheduled payment orders;
  • Payments/collections in LEI and foreign currency;
  • Multiple payments;
  • SME transactional packages – depending on the needs of the company offer the possibility of making transfers at fixed monthly costs.

More details about out products and services can be found HERE

Accounts with special destination

They provide support in the quantitative, qualitative and timely fulfillment of commercial contracts or tax liabilities:

  • escrow;
  • performance bond;
  • accounts for running European/APIA funds.

More details about out products and services can be found HERE

E-xim Banking

The internet banking solution allows you to make the most of the banking transactions by remote access to the current account.

  • information on accounts and bank transactions made, in real time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, anywhere.
  • fast access to the bank’s products and services.

Assistance internet banking:

Phone.: +4 021 305 9585 (Monday – Friday, between 8:30 – 17:00)



  • card issuance (supply);
  • when paying by card for purchases in stores and on the Internet;
  • change pin to the bank’s ATM;

The full list of fees applicable to business debit cards can be found here.



  • valid for 5 years;
  • unlimited number of additional cards;



  • with Mastercard Business Contactless card you pay easily and quickly at the POS, bringing the card closer to the reader; small value payments do not have to be confirmed by typing the PIN code;
  • in using the card, by setting the PIN password and activating the card at any ATM of the bank;



  • Mastercard SecureCode – your card is automatically and free of charge enrolled in Mastercard SecureCode™ service; this way you pay online in conditions of increased security, in just 3 steps:
  1. initiate payment in the enrolled online store;
  2. enter the unique security code received by SMS (valid only for online stores enrolled 3D Secure);
  3. confirm the transaction.
  • optional SMS Alert service: by activating it you receive in real time, on your mobile phone, information about authorized transactions (purchases and cash withdrawals with the card).



  • in travel abroad, through:

– access (for a fee) to over 800 LoungeKey waiting rooms in over 500 airports in the world;

– discounts and other advantages when renting cars from Avis and Hertz, through the Premium Clubs program;

– special offers and unique experiences in the major cities of the world through Priceless Cities;

  • in the country, by:

– discounts and special offers from top locations in Romania through MasterCard Premium & Business program

– promotions organized by Mastercard; see the latest news here


  • If you are abroad and you can no longer use the card (it is lost / stolen / damaged), we are with you offering you emergency services:
  • emergency cash release: we quickly provide you with an amount of cash (minimum 100 USD);
  • virtual payment: ensuring a single payment without the presence of the card; in this way you can pay in pressing situations: hotel services, meals at the restaurant, rented car, medical services;
  • reporting lost / stolen card: call and announce the lost / stolen card to be blocked; in this way you will not be responsible for any unauthorized transactions made with the respective card;

If you need one of these services, contact us by phone + 40 21.304.81.00 (call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week).

If you have external activity, you can request VAT back for expenses incurred in business interest.

If you travel abroad for business, make sure you claim value added tax (VAT) for expenses such as:

  • Hotel/Restaurant;
  • Fuel/Transport;
  • International fairs and events;
  • Telecommunications;
  • Training sessions;
  • Intercompany expenses;
  • Advertising/Professional fees;
  • Protocol and more.

For Mastercard Business cardholders, the refund service – offered in partnership with Taxback International – represents the minimization of the losses generated by the non-recovery of VAT and the guarantee of international tax compliance.

Advantages of VAT refund:

  • Reducing costs with external travel;
  • Reimbursements from 44 states;
  • Maximizing the potential repayment;
  • Free evaluation of the reimbursable amount;
  • Correction of ineligible documents;
  • Online monitoring and reporting;
  • Performance data analysis;
  • Submission of quarterly applications;
  • Dedicated Account Manager;
  • Nurse 24/24;
  • Preferential fees for Mastercard card transactions;
  • No commission in advance or for a refund.

Register for the free refundable amount evaluation here.

List of countries that refund VAT and examples of eligible expenses here.

  • free access for the holder of the World MasterCard card in mastercard lounge from the airports “HENRI COANDA” – Otopeni and “Vienna International Airport”*;
  • easy access to the lounge, by simply presenting the card, the identity card and the boarding card;
  • relaxing and comforting ambience, snacks and soft drinks, equipment and internet access;
  • smoking area.
  • JET Lounge (Schengen) – Access will be made immediately after the security check at West Pier  (see attached map).
  • AIR Lounge (Non-Schengen) – Access will be in East Pier after the security check (see attached map).

Top merchants in Romania, in areas such as fashion, jewelry and accessories, restaurants, spa, gifts and decorations, etc., spoil you with discounts all year round, through MasterCard Premium & Business program.

See HERE the valid offers.

MasterCard Business brings you special offers on trips through Priceless Cities.

Register on the site and enjoy the surprises offered by:

  • hotels,
  • restaurants and bars,
  • tourist attractions and cultural places,
  • sports clubs,
  • event organizers,
  • excursion organizers, etc.

from cities in Europe, North America, Latin America, Arabia, Asia Pacific, Africa.

You can sign up for free as a member of Avis Preffered Club and Hertz Gold Plus Rewards, to benefit from discounts and other advantages when renting cars.

Avis Preffered Club: register as a member and benefit from this status for 3 years.

For registration:

– access the website section “Join Avis Preffered”:

– enter your e-mail address,

– select the country of residence,

– select “Leisure” in the “Account type” section,

– enter the promotional code: Business MasterCard.

In order to complete the registration, the MasterCard Business driver’s license and debit card are required.

– you receive by e-mail the Avis Preffered Club membership number.

To rent a car, access the and log in using the Avis Preffered Club membership number.

Discounts and privileges for Avis Preffered Club members:

  • 10% discount guaranteed from leisure tariffs or up to 20% of standard tariffs in Europe, Middle East and Africa; discounts may not be available in all locations all the time;
  • car of the class superior to the chosen one, offered free of charge depending on availability.

The terms and conditions specific to Avis Preffered Club members will always apply.


Hertz Gold Plus Rewards

Register as a member and benefit from this status for 4 years.

For registration:

– acces the website and enter the requested details; in order to complete the registration, the MasterCard business driver’s license and debit card are required;

  • after confirming the registration you receive the membership number and a copy of the membership card (which you can print);

To rent a car, go to the website or visit hertz locations and log in using the Hertz Gold Plus Rewards membership number.

Discounts and privileges for Hertz Gold Plus Rewards members:

  • up to 10% discount at the best rates;
  • the car of the class superior to the chosen one, offered free of charge depending on availability – the voucher is downloaded from the
  • page and is handed over at the Hertz reception when picking up the car;
  • the second driver option, offered free of charge;
  • 500 Gold Plus Rewards points, usable for a free rental day on weekends.

The terms and conditions specific to Hertz Gold Plus Rewards members will always apply.

Comfort and relaxation between international flights, in over 500 airports in the world.

  • access to over 800 “LoungeKey” lounges in over 500 airports in the world, for mastercard business card holder and one guest;
  • access is allowed regardless of the airline or the class of the air ticket;
  • relaxation facilities; snacks and soft drinks; internet access, etc.
  • participating airports in Romania:– “AVRAM IANCU” Cluj-Napoca,– “TRAIAN VUIA” Timisoara – Sky Business Lounge International Departures Terminal.
  • easy access to the lounge, by simply presenting the MasterCard Business card, accompanied by the identity card and the boarding card;
  • mentions the staff at the reception of the salon the enrollment of the card in the “LoungeKey” program and verifies the details of the visit, recorded in the receipt;
  • costs: 30 USD per person, per visit.

Details about the participating salons and access conditions:

  • through the “LoungeKey” application on mobile devices; it is necessary to pre-register on the web page in order to view the information in the mobile application;
  • by contacting LoungeKey customer support, through the ways indicated in the “Customer Support” section of the mentioned web page.

Both the MasterCard Business card holder and its guest have the obligation to comply with the conditions of use of the “LoungeKey” program, as specified on the web page.

The terms of use are subject to change without prior notice.

Transactional debit card limits

MasterCard Business:

Maximum daily amount of cash withdrawal at ATM/POS National: 10.000 RON
International: 2.000 EURO
Maximum weekly amount of cash withdrawal at ATM/POS National: 70.000 RON
International: 14.000 EURO
Maximum monthly amount of cash withdrawal at ATM/POS National: 300.000 RON
International: 60.000 EURO
Maximum amount for shopping Unlimited

Exchange rate – card transactions abroad

The currency exchange between the currency of the transaction and lei will be made automatically by MasterCard Worldwide at the internal rate, from the settlement day. In order to check the exchange rate, you can consult the MasterCard Worldwide currency conversion calculator, available on MASTERCARD website.

In order to avoid the conversion fee retained by the accepting bank for cash withdrawal transactions or merchants, outside the country, you must select at the ATM or POS, when the conversion message appears, the local currency (and not RON).

Tariffs and commissions

General terms of use of MasterCard cards

Assistance cards and emergency services

  • Customer support service +40 21.304.81.00: 24 hours – 7 days a week;
  • Card assistance services available:
Description Call centre Branch ATM
Enable/cancel/modify the SMS Alert service * *
Blocking and replacing the lost/stolen card or in case of suspicion of fraud * *
Replacement of the damaged card/name change *
Re-issuing pin password * *
Change pin password *
Reset pin password *
Temporary blocking/unblocking of the card *
Unlock the card after entering the PIN password wrongly * *
Enabling/deactivating the possibility of performing internet transactions * *
Update demographic datae *
Changing transactional limits/Changing the current account with debit card access *
Balance query * *
Request information about transactions posted to your account, authorized, unauthorized * *
Card functionality information, card benefits * *

Emergency services while traveling abroad:

If you can no longer use the card (it is lost/stolen/damaged), we help you with:

  • emergency cash release: we quickly provide you with an amount of cash (minimum 100 USD);
  • virtual payment: making a single payment without the presence of the card; in this way you can pay in pressing situations the hotel, restaurant or car rental;
  • reporting lost/stolen card: call and announce the lost/stolen card to be blocked; this way you avoid any unauthorized transactions;

Request the above services by phone +40 21.304.81.00.

Emergency service fees while traveling abroad MasterCard Business
Reporting lost/stolen card 35 EUR
Emergency cash release 100 EUR
Single virtual payment (Virtual Concierge) 130 EUR


The Insurance – Reinsurance company Exim Romania specializes in covering financial risks both for export operations and internal commercial transactions.