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Mastercard Business attached to a current account in RON is addressed to the companies which want to offer their representatives a fast and safe payment way for the services and goods required to conduct their professional business.


  • card issuance (supply);
  • when paying by card the shopping in shops and on Internet;
  • PIN change on the bank ATM;

The complete list of the commissions applicable to business debit cards can be read here .


  • valid for 5 years;
  • unlimited number of additional cards;


  • by the card Mastercard Business Contactless you pay simply and quickly at a POS, only closing the card to the card reader; the small value payment do not have to be confirmed by PIN code;
  • in card use, by setting up the PIN password and card activation in any bank ATM;


  • For increased security, download the EximPay biometric authentication application for free from Google Play or the App Store, through which you can authorize transactions made on the Internet. See the user manual here;
  • Mastercard SecureCode – your card is automatically and free of charge enrolled in the service  Mastercard SecureCode™; in this way, you can pay  on-line in increased safety conditions;
  • optional service SMS Alert: by activating it you will receive in real time, on your mobile phone, information about authorized transactions (shopping and cash withdrawals by card);


  • during your trips abroad, by access (for a charge) in over 1.400 of the lounges LoungeKey of over 1.000 airports in the world;


  • benefits program and offers for your business
  • discounts at Mastercard partners worldwide, click here for details


  • if you are abroad and you can no longer use the card (it is lost/stolen/damaged), we are close to you with emergency services:
    – emergency cash release: we rapidly make available an amount of cash (minimum USD 100);
    – virtual payment: assuring a single payment without card presence; in this way you can pay in difficult situations for: hotel services, restaurant meals, rented car, medical services;
    – report of lost/stolen card: call and announce the lost/stolen card to block it up; in this way you are no longer accountable for the possible unauthorized transactions conducted with the respective card.

If you need one of such services, contact us on the phone at + 40 21.304.81.00 (callable 24h/24, 7 days of 7).

VAT recovery

If you have external activity, you can request the VAT return for the expenses made for business.

In case you travel abroad for business, make sure you request back the added value tax (VAT) fir expenses, such as:

  • Hotel/Restaurant
  • Fuel/Transport
  • International fairs and events
  • Telecommunications
  • Training sessions
  • Inter-company expenses
  • Publicity/Professional taxes
  • Protocol and many others

For the owners of Mastercard Business cards, the return service – offered in partnership with Taxback International – stands for the minimization of losses generated by the failure to VAT recover and the guarantee of compliance with international fiscal rules.

Advantages of VAT reimbursement:

  • Cutting down costs with travels abroad;
  • Reimbursements in 44 states;
  • Maximization of reimbursement potential;
  • Free of charge assessment of reimbursable amount;
  • Correction of non-eligible documents;
  • Online monitoring and reporting;
  • Analysis of performance data;
  • Quarterly applications submission;
  • Dedicated Account Manager;
  • Assistance 24/24;
  • Preferential commissions for the transactions conducted by Mastercard cards;
  • No commission in advance or for reimbursement.

Register yourself for a free assessment of the reimbursable amount here .

List of countries reimbursing VAT and examples of eligible expenses here .

Business Bonus

  • benefits and offers for your business
  • solutions for saving and making the company’s expenses more efficient
  • discounts at merchants in the field of travel, rent a car, electronic signature and many others, details here

Useful info

Trading limits of debit cards  

MasterCard Business:

Maximum daily amount to be withdrawn in cash from ATM/POS National:  RON 10,000
International:  EURO 2.000
Maximum weekly amount to be withdrawn in cash from ATM/POS National:  RON 70,000
International:  EURO 14,000
Maximum monthly amount to be withdrawn in cash from ATM/POS National:  RON 300,000
International:  EURO 60,000
Maximum amount for shopping Unlimited

Exchange rate – card transactions abroad

The exchange rate between the transaction currency and RON will be automatically performed by MasterCard Worldwide at the domestic exchange rate in the settlement day. To check up the exchange rate, consult the foreign currency conversion calculator of MasterCard Worldwide, available on MASTERCARD website.

To avoid conversion commission drawn by the accepting bank for the cash withdrawal transactions, or by the traders, when abroad, you have to select the local currency (and not RON) at the ATM or POS when the conversion message is displayed.


Emergency assistance for cards and services

  • Clients assistance service: +40 21.304.81.00: 24 hours – 7 days a week;
  • Assistance services for available cards:
Description Call center
Activation/cancellation/change of SMS Alert service * *
Blockage and replacement of the lost/stolen card or in case of fraud suspicion * *
Replacement of damaged card/change of name *
Re-issuance of PIN password * *
Change  of PIN password *
Resetting  of PIN password *
Temporary card blockage/unblockage *
Card unblockage after inserting a wrong PIN password * *
Activation/deactivation of the possibility to make transactions on Internet * *
Updating demographic data *
Change of trading limits/Change of the current account with access through a debit card *
Balance interrogation * *
Request of information about transactions posted in the account, authorized, unauthorized * *
Information on card functionalities, card benefits * *

Emergency services during travels abroad:
If you can no longer use the card (it is lost/stolen/damaged), we can help by:
– emergency cash release: we rapidly make available an amount of cash (minimum USD 100);
– virtual payment: performance of a single payment without the card presence; in this way, you can pay in pressing conditions the hotel, restaurant of car renting;
– reporting the lost/stolen card: call and announce the lost/stolen card to be blocked; thus you avoid the possible unauthorized transactions.

Ask for the above services on the phone +40 21.304.81.00.

Commissions for emergency services during travels abroad   MasterCard Business
Reporting the lost/stolen card EUR 35
Emergency cash release EUR 100
Sole virtual payment (Virtual Concierge) EUR 130


We appreciate and reward our customers loyalty so between October 16, 2023 and January 31, 2024, we run a promotional “cashback” campaign dedicated to the business card holders.


  • It is addressed to all corporate customers who perform card payment transactions, physically at the POS or online, of at least 10,000 lei per month at any merchant in the country or abroad.
  • Cashback is 0.5% of the cumulative value of eligible transactions*, but not more than 150 lei / month.
  • Cashback is granted at the beginning of each month for the transactions from the previous month.

*The campaign excludes the payment of utilities, the payment of taxes, postal and courier services, payments for lottery, betting, gambling, transfer of funds through the card or adult industry.

 For details: Campaign rules

Additional act to the campaign rules