Credit for Working Capital

We offer competitive products to finance current activity by granting the working capital credit dedicated to companies and authorized natural persons.

  • Characteristics
  • Guarantees


  • minimal amount: RON 10,000
  • maximal amount: RON 2,000,000 *
  • currency: RON
  • maximal lending period: 3 years

* According to the sizing criteria of the bank and without exceeding RON 2,000,000 per client/group of clients.


The amounts can be used to cover expenses regarding:

  • production, services performance, sale and distribution of products, raw materials procurement, taxes, salaries, charges, etc.;
  • payment of interests and fees related to the credit for working capital;
  • refinancing of credits for current activity from other banks, including the current interests and fees related to the credit early repayment.


  • the interest and fees can be paid from the credit,
  • use without justifying documents.



The securing structure is flexible, including the mortgage on accounts and surety bonds. Depending on the credit value and the specifics of the company, other additional guarantees can be used, such as: mortgages or real estate mortgages, guarantees granted by guarantee funds or EXIMBANK, collateral deposits, etc.