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Products and services


We offer competitive quotations for various foreign currency pairs with settlement*:

  •  “TODAY” (T);
  •  “TOMORROW” (T+1);
  •  “SPOT” (T+2)

*with the client’s chance to leave trading orders at limited exchange rate. The foreign currency transactions over the minimum amount of EUR 10,000 or equivalent are eligible for negotiation.


Our saving offer includes the opening of deposits on term, on sights and investments in state bonds:

  • DEPOSITS AT STANDARD AND NON-STANDARD TERM – To efficiently manage the existing liquidity excess, deposits in RON or foreign currency can be established, at standard or preferential interest rates. The placements over the minimum amount of RON 100,000, EUR 50,000 of USD are eligible for negotiation. The practiced interests range depending on the placement currency, on the chosen term and on the placement value.
  • AUTOMATIC OVERNIGHT – Offers the chance to automatically open an overnight deposit, at a preferential interest (the minimum amount of  RON 100,000, EUR 50,000 or USD)
  • STATE BONDS – We offer two categories of state bonds: on short term (treasury bills) and on long term (government bonds), traded on secondary market.


Optimal hedging solutions against unfavorable development of foreign currency exchange rate:

  •  FORWARD transactions with or without  delivery “NDF – non deliverable forward” on maturity  (settlement >T+2)
  • SWAP Transactions


We offer our clients a trading platform, a fast, safe and efficient online application, which:

  •  allows the instant and free access to foreign currency market;
  • assures access in real time to negotiated quotations for instantly updated foreign currency exchanges, offering in this way the choice of the right moment for transitioning;
  • allows the transactions settlement in today, tomorrow, spot and forward (with maturities up to 1 year);
  • assures a simplified record of the transactions by viewing all the conducted foreign currency exchanges;
  • service access anytime and in any conditions: the platform does not require installing, the access into the account being available from anywhere, by accessing a secure link.

Support contact Trading platform: +4.021.405.32.59/+4.021.405.32.14/+4.021.405.31.81

We specify that the above presented types of products imply the following risks, without being limited to them: foreign currency exchange risk, credit risk (cou9nter party), interest rate risk, settlement risk.