Credit for cofinancing

It is dedicated to the supplementation of the company’s own funds for the co-financing part of eligible and non-eligible expenses related to the project.


  • SMEs, large companies and public businesses which will implement/are implementing projects co-financed from European/national grants.


  • the funding covers eligible and non-eligible expenses related to the project,
  • lending period: short, medium or long term depending on the type of investments project, implementation period and reimbursement capacity,
  • currency: RON or Euro,
  • period of grace: to be set matching the project execution period,
  • reimbursement: in monthly/quarterly/half yearly instalments.


  • the credit can cover up to 85% from the company’s own contribution to project achievement and from the value of non-eligible expenses related to the liquidity required to implement the project,
  • the credit can be easily accessed in one or several batches based on justifying documents.