Commercial and credit Information

We offer the Commercial and credit Information, a product that allows the company to get to know its future business partner before concluding a commercial contract.

The advantages of accessing Commercial Information reports are:

  • All information relating to the risk of the company can be obtained in the pre-contractual period so that the contract contains provisions for minimizing business risk;
  • Information can be obtained during the commercial contract for monitoring the creditworthiness of the financial partner and changes of its legal status;
  • The possibility to obtain information about a potential trading partner when it pursues a possible investment, entering an untapped market.

Information offered

  • Identification data – name, address, registration number with the Trade Registry, VAT, history data, management, business activity, employees, banks, share capital, branches, other information of interest;
  • Public financial data – balance sheet, P&L, payment behaviour, incidents relating to payment instruments used in the last year of activity, international sanctions;
  • Summary financial analysis – financial standing based on liquidity, solvency, profitability, financial strength of the company, evolution of the business as volumes and economic results;
  • Rating – ranking in a risk class based on financial standing;
  • Credit limit – recommendations on safety threshold up to which the company may conclude commercial transactions baesd on the commercial credit.


EximBank is making all the efforts to offer data and information to its clients as accurate as possible but it may not and will not be hold responsible for the final decision of the client that requested the product.