• Credit for working capital
  • Credit for investments

Credit for working capital


  • amount: up to 100% of the funding required, set up depending on the forecasted flow of collections and payments for the lending period,
  • currency: RON, EUR or USD,
  • lending period: 12 months (maximum 24 months for activities justifying such period),
  • flexible mix of guaranteed.


  • possibility to complete its own guarantees up to 80% by state guarantees from EximBank,
  • use/reimbursements without pre-set fixed dates depending on the needs/availabilities,
  • interest and commissions can be withdrawn from the credit,
  • revolving or with repayment by instalments.

Credit for investments

It can be used to finance expenses related to business expansion projects, such as purchase of equipment, building production spaces, etc.


  • currency: RON, EUR or USD,
  • granting period: short, medium or long term,
  • period of grace: up to 12 months,
  • reimbursement in monthly, quarterly instalments or depending on the execution stage of the investment project,
  • own contribution of the commercial company to the investments project:  minimum 15% of the total cost of the project.


  • low costs,
  • flexible guarantees,
  • possibility to complete the guarantees structure by state guarantees issued by EximBank up to 80%.