Insurance policy for Letters of Guarantee

EximBank covers maximum 95% of the loss registered by Romanian exporters following the calling of their export guarantees. The cumulative value of all insured guarantees within a contract with one debtor reaches a maximum 85% of the total value of the export contract.

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Insurance of Temporary Non-Market Risks

EximBank covers a maximum of 85% of the losses incurred by Romanian exporters as a result of commercial and political risks on the European Union and OECD markets. This facility is valid until March 31, 2022 and is classified as state aid, having been authorized by the European Commission. Until December 31, 2026, EximBank can […]

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Insurance policy covering the risk of foreign payments for non-market risks

By this policy, a company is certain to receive up to 85% of the value of its exports to countries with non-market risks, irrespective of the evolution of the foreign buyer’s finances and the development of commercial, political and force majeure risks in the respective country.

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Insurance policy for medium and long-term export credits

EximBank insures the recovery of up to 85% of the losses incurred as a result of medium- and long-term export contracts signed with foreign partners.

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Insurance policy for buyer’s credit

The foreign buyer or their bank, for the payment of imported goods and services. The banks funding exports originated from Romania are thus insured against default of reimbursement. EximBank insures the recovery of up to 95% of the buyer’s credit value.

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Insurance policy for Romanian capital investment abroad

Insures capital investment by Romanian companies abroad.

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