EximBank launches its brand new website: www.eximbank.ro

Bucharest, January 31, 2011 – EximBank has launched its reshuffled site – www.eximbank.ro – which, besides a more dynamic design helps users find details easier and faster on bank products due to a most efficient and compact information setting.

”All changes accomplished were engendered by our conviction that development can only occur if we always strive to meet our customers demands. Consistent with such a principle, the new website www.eximbank.ro submits solutions tailored to the profile of a wide range of people likely to apply to our services, by making access to information easier and locating the areas where EximBank could be helpful” said Oana Nuta, PR & Marketing Director of EximBank.

She also added that for this reason a quick access section has been inserted, specifically directed at those users who are aware of what they wish to apply for though not being acquainted with the products and services available from EximBank. Consequently, it shall only be required from the users to select the type of company they belong to or to mention that they wish to access EU funds and the products applicable shall be on display, as a result.

Moreover, to facilitate access to further information on www.eximbank.ro FAQ sections have been added for every range of products, i.e.: financing, guarantee, insurance, EU funds assignment. Besides, quick access is also possible to the Internet Banking account from every site page.

Instant access to information at a time when online instruments are being currently used has been devoted not only to entrepreneurs but also to any bank partner. „For instance we are pleased to place at journalists’ disposal a comprehensive database, updated accordingly, to keep them informed on our latest deeds and events.”, commented Oana Nuta.