EximBank will maintain the costs of its products below the ones on the banking market

Bucharest, December 17, 2012 – EximBank intends to maintain the costs for its products and services at the inferior level of the range of the banking market, simultaneously expanding its offer and developing the on line selling channels, declared Traian Halalai, President of EximBank.

The Bank’s representative attended the Gala Evening of the National Association of Romanian Importers and Exporters (ANEIR) where EximBank was awarded the prize for the most dynamic bank in 2012 in relation to Romanian exporters. The Bank’s President stated that the business strategy for the next period of time is conceived in such a manner as to insure a consistent increase of the clients’ portfolio, including an expansion of the territorial network.

“We are aware of the high expectations of the Romanian exporters related to EximBank and I want to reassure them that we will focus our attention on this very important segment of Romanian economy. We do have a long cooperation relationship with ANEIR that proved to be a constant partner to discuss the common action directions and a connector with exporters’ community. We started step by step, to move our focus from the state guarantees towards the insurance of the export credits and Romanian capital investments abroad and we expect the companies that are developing their businesses abroad to have a good perception of these products.” added the President of EximBank.

EximBank developed a package of complex, integrated solutions for exporters and companies seeking to extent their business abroad similar to the ones offered by any ECA (Export Credit Agencies) in the European Union such as:
Insurance policies for cashing the export contracts with delayed payments;
Insurance policies for the buying credits granted by the banks to importers for paying goods/ services from Romania;
Insurance policies for Romanian investments abroad that are taking over up to 90% of the expropriation risks, transfer risks and other;
Guarantees for participating in the international calls for offers, guarantees for importers advance payments restitutions, guarantees for good execution of the contracts.

In order to facilitate access to these special products, EximBank implemented on its site (www.eximbank.ro) an on line selling platform for insurance policies, allowing the costs calculation as well.