Halalai: Complementary services are the new area of acknowledgement for EximBank

Bucharest, May 5, 2014 – EximBank is accelerating towards the position of relevant player on the corporate segment, with its complex and complete portfolio and its continuous modernization of financial solutions that run the gamut from finance and guarantees to trade finance and cash management, said Traian Halalai, President of EximBank, during a meeting organized by the bank with businessmen in Buzau area.

“EximBank managed to update its product portfolio over a very short time span and it will continue to keep pace so as to become a high quality provider of financial products. We strengthened our product development team and, besides finance and guarantees – traditionally targeted by companies until recently – EximBank now also stands out in the complementary services area, such as cash management”, said Traian Halalai.

More than 30 businessmen have attended the meeting in Buzau, representing companies such as Romcarbon, Soufflet Malt, Avicola, Fermit, Rotec and Sly Nutritia etc., along with central authorities representatives. Eugen Teodorovici, Minister of EU Funds, also participated and took the opportunity to mention a few private equity projects.

“The Ministry of European Funds is planning to launch, during the month of May, a package for the private segment to include all useful information for contracting EU funding. Following the positive course of action in 2013, this year we will continue to implement steps such as simplifying the acquisition procedure for private beneficiaries and waiving the comfort letters. Another idea that would help absorb and increase the impact of EU funds would be that, of the two state-owned banks, one should fill the role of development bank. Thus, it would be more actively involved in sustaining the Romanian economy and the implementation of EU funds”, said Eugen Teodorovici.

The event in Buzau is the fourth one this year, following similar ones in Bacau, Timisoara and Brasov, and is part of a direct communication project with the businessmen initiated last year and that has been attended by more than 400 companies and local authorities representatives.

“Our mission is to encourage business and for this reason we direct our attention to areas of high-production, external trade and well developed business environment. Buzau, for instance, has two characteristics relevant to our activity. On the one hand, important Romanian trade companies are based here, with export prevailing over the import dynamics and a 2013 ending in commercial surplus, and on the other, the area has an important industrial activity”, explained the EximBank President.

EximBank is a specialized institution whose threefold product portfolio focused on financing, guarantee and insurance, enables it to grant assistance to current activities and development of exporters, SME-s and companies involved in projects pertaining to key economic sectors, particularly those contributing to the absorption of EU funds.