BCR, EximBank and Banca Transilvania – syndicated loan amounting at 24 Million Euro for Pehart Tec Grup

Bucharest, January 30, 2017 – Pehart Tec Grup, controlled by Abris Capital Partners and Ioan Tecar, has contracted a revolving multi-currency credit facility amounting at 24 Million Euro from a banking consortium comprising Banca Comercială Română, EximBank and Banca Transilvania.

The credit facility has a three years maturity term with an extension option for another two years and Pehart Tec Grup will use it for a partial re-financing of the existing loans and for covering the working capital needs. For this financing operation, BCR is the Coordinator, Main Mandated Arranger and Agent. In addition, BCR and Banca Transilvania have granted bi-lateral loans with a total amount of 19 Million Euro to Pehart Tec Grup, for the investments projects implemented during the last two years in order to expand and improve the production facilities.

Nestor Nestor Diculescu Kingston Petersen (NNDKP) have been the lawyers of the banking consortium and Clifford Chance Badea (CCB) have been the legal representatives of the companies in Pehart Tec Grup and Abris Capital Partners.

About Pehart Tec Grup

Pehart Tec Grup is the leading tissue paper manufacturer in Romania and one of the important in South Eastern Europe. Mr. Ioan Tecar has founded the group in 2007; in July 2015, Abris Capital Partners –the investment fund acquired a majority of the shares. The group is operating on two production facilities located in Dej (Cluj County) and Sebeș (Alba County), with a production capacity of 100.000 tons tissue paper per year and respectively 30.000 tons of end products per year (toilet paper, kitchen towels, napkins). The Pehart Tec Grup products are present on internal and Central and South- Eastern European markets.