IMM INVEST ROMÂNIA: EximBank supports business continuity of Rosavis Prod, a family business specialized in aviculture

Bucharest, November 4, 2020 – EximBank granted to Rosavis Prod, a company in Vaslui county that specializes in aviculture, a financing line amounting at 4 Million Lei through IMM Invest Program, funding that will be used for the current activity of the company.  

Rosavis Prod is a family business developed by Vica and Constantin Mihăilă in Roșiești, Vaslui. After graduating college, the two founders opted for private jobs and in 2007 have started to build up a business that has constantly developed up to an income of 25.3 Million Lei at the end of 2019.

” We are glad that we encountered the opportunity to offer financial support to this family business that is celebrating 13 years in business this month, thus contributing to ensuring the business continuity in this difficult economic environment. We have set an objective for this year in supporting entrepreneurs in order to overcome this exceptional period and therefore we are participating in this governmental program that facilitates SMEs access to financing both through guarantees and state aid subsidized interest rates. We can use this financial resource for the benefit of the entrepreneurs allowing them to continue their plans and move forward. Romania grows with them, Romania grows with us!”, said Traian Halalai, Executive President of EximBank.

Since its establishment, the Rosavis Prod business has constantly developed.

In order to facilitate its management, the company has integrated its activities and in 2018 it invested in a modern incubation station, with a 10 million eggs capacity that may produce 8.500.000 chickens per day, that will reach both local markets and own farms that have an annual capacity of 2.5 million chickens.

The incubation station is also supported by a reproduction farm with 35.000 heavy reproductive heads. At present, 90% of the turnover comes from aviculture, the rest of it being generated by cereal crops and meat cattle breeding (100 heads). 

”The events the humanity is facing showed that we humans can get rid of many things except food. Therefore, I find it important that Romanian production capacities are supported, especially considering that Romania, despite its agricultural and food production potential still heavily counts on imports. The financing from EximBank, granted through the IMM Invest program, allows us to continue our activity in these difficult times and I do believe that in order to face the challenges on the long run more similar financing  programs would be welcome”, said Constantin Mihăilă, owner of  Rosavis Prod.

EximBank is participating to the support program of the small and medium enterprises – IMM Invest, implemented by the Romanian state in order to mitigate the economic negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Through its involvement in this governmental program EximBank is offering to the companies access to financing that may ensure the cash needed for business as usual or investments in special conditions: zero financing related fees, zero interest (following state aid measures for a determined period with the possibility of prolonging, as well as a flexible guarantees structure that completes the state guarantees. The maximum value of the loans is up to 10 million lei for investment and 5 million lei for working capital.

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