EximBank continues in 2022 the financial program for supporting large companies

Bucharest, January 17, 2022 – The financial program supporting large companies and SMEs with a turnover higher than 20 million Lei in 2019, which EximBank has implemented after being specially mandated by the Romanian state, will continue in the first half of this year, its validity being extended until June 30th, 2022.

Since launching the COVID-19 state support program, dedicated to large companies and SMEs with a 20 million Lei turnover in 2019, companies with a total turnover of 28,5 billion Lei benefited of state guarantees and subsidized interest financing, the funds being used for working capital, as well as for investments. EximBank recorded over 500 requests from the business environment and offered a total value of 4 billion Lei in financing and guarantee facilities.

The extension of the financial support program for large companies, rolled out through EximBank, was absolutely necessary for the Romanian economy. The business environment needs more than ever some financial support programs that can help with subsidized interest financing for developing the businesses and maintaining their jobs. We encourage the companies, as well as the commercial banks to take advantage of this great opportunity, in a joint approach that supports speeding up the corporate financing and the economic growth”, declared Adrian Caciu, Finance Minister.

Through the state support COVID-19 program for large companies and SMEs with a 20 million lei turnover in 2019, the companies can access investment and working capital credits at a subsidized interest rate as well as state guarantees for up to 90% for new and existing credits granted by the partner commercial banks.

This support program, launched by EximBank in October 2020, assures a level of support similar to the European companies for all the interested Romanian companies, that can access the maximum amount permitted by the Commission for the European Union.

For almost 30 years, EximBank has been actively involved in supporting and promoting the Romanian business environment, endorsing local companies’ projects through its specific products of financing, guarantees and insurance. Acting as state agent on the Romanian market of guarantees and insurance, EximBank is one of the main channels for infusing the public funds made available by the Romanian state into the real economy, thus contributing to the economic sustainable development.