Exim Banca Românească is officially launched today on the banking market

Bucharest, 10th May, 2023 – Exim Banca Românească is officially launching today on the banking market as a top universal bank, 100% Romanian, with complete services for individuals and corporates.

”The official name change from EximBank into Exim Banca Romaneasca has become effective, identifying a Romanian bank positioning 8th on the local banks` ranking on assets, a trustworthy financial partner for individuals and companies. Although we change the name, we are continuing to follow our mission – support the Romanian prosperity, build sustainable partnerships for social welfare and economic achievements of our clients by accelerating financial intermediation. The bank will continue its activity on the two main directions: as a commercial bank and the as state agent, independent from the commercial arm offering state guarantees and export credit insurance as per the mandate of the Romanian Government. Our whole business strategy is focused on building a strong base for future growth and I am confident that we will manage to achieve this as we have succeeded to speed-up our development during the last 10 years and build a powerful financial brand” said Traian Halalai, Executive President of Exim Banca Romaneasca.

The bank`s representative added that in terms of general strategy Exim Banca Romaneasca intends to encourage responsible financing, savings and offer to all its clients counselling and tailored financial solutions either for retail, corporate or public entities

On the retail segment, the bank will focus on attracting resources in RON and foreign currency, including term deposits and savings accounts, and for companies it will aim to structure a product offer to cover their entire financing cycle, while maintaining a personalized approach for certain segments of corporate clients.

   The efficient and flexible model of the territorial network – 83 branches for individuals and micro-enterprises and 26 corporate units dedicated exclusively to the corporate segment, allows the bank to be close to the retail and corporate clientele and to implement various Romanian and European development programs.

After the completion of the merger between EximBank and Banca Românească at the end of last year, the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of EximBank approved the change of the bank’s name to Exim Banca Românească, starting with May 10th, 2023, thus emphasizing the extension of the bank’s addressability to individuals as well.

With the name change, the bank will also have a new brand identity. This has as a central element the merger between the two banks, capitalizing on the notoriety of the two brands – by keeping the Exim abbreviation and by joining the name of Banca Românească, and includes in the color palette the three colors of the national flag (red, yellow and blue) for emphasizing the “nationality” of the bank and for promoting the Romanian values.