EximBank, meeting exporters located in Vrancea county

Bucharest, March 21, 2011 – EximBank places at exporters’ disposal a comprehensive package of financial instruments likely not only to contribute to business development but also to mitigate those risks associated with such activities, said bank’s officials during the meeting by the end of last week with representatives of Vrancea exporting companies.

„Our bank provides exporters with financing, insurance and guarantee products, all of which are meant to be supportive and make them feel secure about their business, with no jeopardy involved whatsoever and no risk of default related to proceeds reimbursement “, declared Paul Ichim, vice president of EximBank.

The meeting held in Focşani was attended by representatives of the exporting companies, of commercial banks in the area and of local authorities.

„The businessmen of Vrancea county need to identify some development hubs and with EximBank, right here at hand an extra asset is provided. Travel potential is available in our area, as well as wood processing, not to mention the vineyards. We truly hope that alongside with EximBank investments in infrastructure shall grow in conjunction with an improved pace of structural funds absorption”, specified Ion Oprea, prefectul of Vrancea county.

The event in Focşani is part of a larger project which EximBank is scheduled to run in the first half-year beside the Romanian Association of Exporters and Importers (ANEIR), materializing in several meetings with businessmen all over the country in order to present the ways and means the bank shall supply to the development and support of local companies’ inception or export activities.

EximBank is keen on bolstering export business along the main stages involved, such as production, delivery and collection of the counter-value of exported commodities, by means of the following:
loans (covering expenses associated with the manufacture of products or merchandise delivery);
export guarantees (for general commodities, to enhance achievement of complex objectives and products submitted to a long manufacturing cycle);
insurance provided to export output credits, to medium and long term export credits, or to buyer credit ;
commercial information on business partners.