Exim Banca Romaneasca rose 10 places in Top 100 banks in South-Eastern Europe

Exim Banca Romaneasca rose ten places to the 25th position as its assets grew 4.2% to 4.64 billion euro, according to the annual ranking made by the SeeNews press agency.

The evolution of the bank comes in the context in which Exim Banca Romaneasca has become the universal commercial bank, an elite player on the Romanian banking market where it occupies the 8th place in the top of the largest banks by assets, from the 12th place in 2019. ”Exim Banca Romaneasca was formed after Romania’s state-owned export-import bank, Exim Bank, absorbed its subsidiary Banca Romaneasca, becoming a universal commercial bank”, accordong to SeeNews press agency.

In this year’s edition of the ranking, it is mentioned that Romania continued to dominate the ranking with 18 banks on the list, followed by Bulgaria and Serbia with 17 and 13 banks, respectively. The combined assets of the top one hundred banks reached 428.9 billion euro in 2022, as compared to 384.3 billion euro of the entrants in the ranking a year earlier.

Exim Banca Românească is a 100% Romanian universal bank, ranked in top 10 largest credit  institutions by assets. The bank offers its clients, individuals and corporate, a wide range of quality products and services, adapted to their needs. Exim Banca Românească operates a national distribution network of 83 branches and 26 Corporate Units, the latter being dedicated exclusively to companies, a network that allows it to be close to retail and corporate customers and to implement various Romanian and European development programs. In addition, because it acts as an agent of the state on the guarantee and insurance market, Exim Banca Românească is one of the instruments through which the public funds, made available by the Romanian state, support the sustainable development of the economy.