Exim Banca Românească launches the eco-friendly material cards

Bucharest, October 09, 2023 – Exim Banca Românească has started the process of transitioning the card portfolio to a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative so, starting this month, Mastercard Debit Gold cards issued by the bank will be made of recyclable material.

“As a leading universal bank, Exim Banca Românească has the responsibility to provide safe and sustainable banking products that support the transition to a green economy, and the launch of the debit card made from recyclable materials represents another step forward in implementing our sustainability strategy. We will continue the move towards eco-friendly materials for the other products in the card portfolio and, at the same time, we will focus on promoting responsible banking practices by accelerating the digitalization of our services. We also consider developing products and services with sustainability components, whether we are talking about dedicated products or integrating ESG criteria into financing and investment decisions, and we aim to contribute through our actions to amplify the positive effects that sustainable lending policies have at the community and environmental level”, said Traian Halalai, Executive President of Exim Banca Românească.

The transition process towards sustainable materials for the card portfolio will continue over the next year and will apply exclusively to newly issued cards to avoid wasting existing stock and to allow the end of the lifecycle of those in customers’ possession.

Recently the bank introduced in its portfolio the Google Pay service, offering the cardholder bank customers the possibility to make fast and secure contactless payments at the POS terminals, directly with the Android phone, through the Google Wallet application, without the need for the physical presence of the card.

Also Exim Banca Românească provides individuals the e-bancamea.ro platform through which it offers easy, fast and secure access, 100% online, to a complete package of products and services: current account in lei, debit card (Mastercard Gold), SMS Alert service and Internet Banking, reunited under the name of eSential Package. The platform makes it possible to enroll in just 10 minutes, from a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop

Exim Banca Românească is a 100% Romanian universal bank, ranked in top 10 largest credit  institutions by assets.

The bank offers its clients, individuals and corporate, a wide range of quality products and services, adapted to their needs. Exim Banca Românească operates a national distribution network of 83 branches and 26 Corporate Units, the latter being dedicated exclusively to companies, a network that allows it to be close to retail and corporate customers and to implement various Romanian and European development programs. In addition, because it acts as an agent of the state on the guarantee and insurance market, Exim Banca Românească is one of the instruments through which the public funds, made available by the Romanian state, support the sustainable development of the economy.