EximBank pursues the range of meetings with commercial banks

Bucharest, October 5, 2011 – EximBank pursues its workshops with representatives of the territorial banking units intended to find the most appropriate co-operation ways, with the latest having been organized in the town of Sfântu Gheorghe.

„Since the onset of such project in Spring several meetings of the kind have been organized all over he country, with more than 350 participants from the sales network of the commercial banks. The project has been initiated in order to give an impetus to the co-operation with commercial banks and the positive reply of the latter has materialized in an obvious increment of the amount of guarantees extended by EximBank. In the first semester of the year the exposure of EximBank related to guarantees rose 40% as against the same period last year”, asserted Ionuţ Costea, president of EximBank.

From among the cities hosting such project the following are worth mentioning: Craiova, Sibiu, Arad, Cluj, Targu Mures, Bacau, Oradea, Baia Mare, Satu Mare, Brasov, Miercurea Ciuc and Brasov.

EximBank encompasses in its portfolio those products which can happily supplement the offer of other commercial banks without interfering /competing with them. The most significant sector available for parties’ co-operation is that of the guarantees.

In view of making an easier access to financing and boost the lending, EximBank has simplified the granting procedures for sovereign guarantees up to euro 1.5 million. The main change is related to the analysis of the guarantee application which relies on the loan paper made by the financing bank without involving EximBank in the process. After the operation the responding time is cut down to 10 days from one month as it used to be.

EximBank is in a position to issue guarantees directed at:
exporters –to supplement collaterals of the company in favour of the financing bank;

SME-s and other companies– to facilitate access to financing in furtherance of guarantees pertaining to loans for growth and modernization, covering for default risk;

Core economic sectors– to guarantee loans or letters of bank guarantee extended for Romanian investments abroad, for the development of infrastructure, public utilities or environmental protection.

Companies expressing an interest in EximBank products may apply directly to the territorial units of the bank or may access the site www.eximbank.ro