EximBank and Electrogrup – 11 Million Euro financial agreement

Bucharest, April 18, 2017 – EximBank has granted to Electrogrup, one of the top players in the energy infrastructure, telecom and civil construction sector a financial package of 11 Million Euro for services exports.

The financing package includes a multi-product facility for the working capital needed for running the business as usual activity and a guarantee facility that will be used for participating in an investment project in Poland, where the company has a subsidiary.

“Structuring this facility for one of the most important Romanian entrepreneurial companies having a current activity component as well as an export one proves EximBank’s flexibility and capacity to offer competitive financial solutions to the corporate segment tailored to each partner’s profile. We trust that the agreement concluded with Electrogrup represents the first stage of a long-term partnership. Our concern remains the building of a serious relationship with the business environment for supporting local business projects and complex international investments programs where Romanian companies may capitalize on their high level of expertise.”, said Traian Halalai, Executive President of EximBank.

He added that the bank is available and has the necessary resources for supporting the expansion of the foreign commercial operations of Romanian entrepreneurs and will continue to improve its financial solutions in order to offer products that are aligned to European standards and practices in terms of financing the business development.

Electrogrup is founded in 1997 by Teofil and Simion Mureşan from Cluj and is one of the few Romanian companies that has consistently expanded its activity abroad. The company from Cluj has opened in the last few years subsidiaries in Germany, Russia and Poland, participating as a constructor in investments projects developed by the respective states.

’’We would be glad to have big infrastructure projects in Romania so that we could evolve. Until then we increase our expertise in Germany, Russia, UK, Poland and other countries continuing our shareholders’ strategy of transforming Electrogrup in a Romanian capital corporation. We will then continue to get involved in international projects consisting in complex works and we wish to benefit from our partners’ support in their implementation – such is EximBank’s case”, said Teofil Mureşan, founder and shareholder of Electrogrup.


About Electrogrup

Electrogrup has been implementing for more than 20 years complex infrastructure projects in energy, telecom and civil constructions being part of a group of companies with complementary activities in offering utilities and engineering solutions. Using the synergies generated by the cross-sectorial concept, the group of companies offers the advantages of exploiting domains’ inter-connectivity, namely optimizing costs and resources allocation, flexibility, reduced implementation timings and environmental impact. The successful approach of difficult works with a reduced implementation schedule; financial solidity and the team’s expertise have founded long- term partnerships with the most important operators in telecom, energy distributors and investors in new production facilities. The development plans focus on diversifying the maintenance services of the energy and telecom infrastructure and on the increasing volume of services’ exports. The company has more than 400 employees and an estimated turnover for 2017 of 256 Million Lei, out of which the exports represent appx. 30%.

Additional details:      codruta.belea@electrogrup.ro        www.electrogrup.ro