EximBank issues banking guarantees amounting at 23 Million USD for Hidroconstructia projects in Jordan

Bucharest, January 22, 2018 – EximBank has issued two letters of banking guarantee (LBG) amounting at 23 Million USD for Hidroconstructia, one of the main private Romanian contractors, thus facilitating the implementation of a 115.5 Million USD contract in Jordan.

The two LBG – for advance reimbursement and good execution, amounting at 11.5 Million USD each, are targeted to support the implementation of a contract awarded to Hidroconstructia last year in an international tender by Arab Potash Company from the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

”The contract concluded by Hidroconstructia with the Jordanian company is one of the most important projects of Romanian company in the Middle East  during the last few years and has the potential of opening new horizons for the Romanian companies interested to be present in the area. The interest of local companies towards the former traditional markets is a fully reasonable and possible approach due to the growth perspectives of these markets that are significantly higher than the ones of the developed countries – meaning more opportunities – and the very good record of the commercial relationships with these states, which is an advantage for developing the commercial relationships. This is an approach encouraged and supported by EximBank that is able to offer to the Romanian exporters modern products, aligned to international best practices, facilitating the Romanian companies expanding abroad and their participation in project outside the country.” said Traian Halalai, Executive President of EximBank.

”The economic environment from the last few years – mainly defined by the lack of major investments projects in civil engineering both from state and private resources has determined a change in our strategic business approach and a focus on consolidating our presence on international markets. Our efforts are now starting to pay up, winning this tender in Jordan being a first step in this direction. There are countries and regions in the world that are promoting generous projects portfolios, mainly new investments, financed and we will continue to participate in other international tenders counting on EximBank support for their implementation” said Mihaita Fundeanu, General Manager of Hidroconstructia.