EximBank supports the musical projects of the Musical Society

Bucharest, March 22, 2016 – EximBank joins the group of organizations involved in supporting cultural projects and by concluding a partnership with the Musical Society Foundation will be sustaining the novel cultural projects implemented by the association in order to contribute to the building of a solid relationship between the musical environment and the business community.

”EximBank is positioning itself as having a responsible approach towards society therefore we have looked more carefully into projects aiming at contributing to the community development, either in terms of educating and forming the future consumers of banking services and entrepreneurs or offering our support to artistic or cultural projects. The bank has been involved in programs focused on assisting the educational and research activity and also on promoting a healthy life style for young people by practicing sports. We see the new partnership as fully integrated in the social responsibility involvement strategy of EximBank and we are glad to be conjoining forces with the Musical Society in promoting classic music, both by encouraging the involvement of young musicians beginning their careers and by facilitating public access to quality productions from the international stage.”, said Traian Halalai, Executive President of EximBank.

The first event within the new partnership was the “The World of Ludovico Einaudi and Philip Glass” concert, that Angèle Dubeau, one of the most well known and awarded Canadian violinists, offered on March 13, 2016, at Ateneul Roman. The Angèle Dubeau concert, who is playing on Stradivarius „Des Rosiers” violin, part of the Canadian National Patrimony, is the first one bringing Ludovico Einaudi and other famous contemporary composers on a Romanian stage.

”We intended to show how the businessmen are able to do something good for the classical music and that musicians have something to learn from them too, not only the other way around. We really want that the Musical Society projects involve as many business actors as possible – as EximBank did – because only together we are able to meet the need for premium cultural products that is rapidly growing and to continue building a strong connection between music, musicians and the business world and its representatives.”, said George Butunoiu, founder of the Musical Society Foundation.

The concerts and events held by the Musical Society are already a benchmark both for the music lovers and corporate communities, the foundation organizing numerous concerts in private residences and unconventional spaces as well as in the traditional concert halls up until now. A reference event was the concert from Saint Silvestru Church where a piano concert, musical instruments and opera singers have been playing for the first time in an Orthodox church.

About EximBank
EximBank is a specialized financial institution, actively involved in supporting and promoting the Romanian business environment. Its specific financial instruments are targeted exclusively to the corporate segment and accessible to any kind of company SMEs or big companies, active only locally or involved in international transactions. During the last three years, the bank has focused on the improvement of its complementary banking services and it developed and consolidated its portfolio of treasury products, cash management, trade finance and factoring, that are now completing the financing, guaranteeing and insurance activities.

About Musical Society
Musical Society is a foundation that intends to connect the musical artistic environment and the business community. To that extent, the Musical Society is initiating or taking over cultural projects in order to manage them: private and public concerts, local or national contests, publications, annual directories, cultural marketing, project management, consultancy services, etc. Another successful project of the foundation is organizing cultural lectures of general musical culture for businessmen, complex, academic classes trimestral during a year, with the participation of the National University for Music in Bucharest teaching staff.
Details: www.societateamuzicala.ro