EximBank extends its support to projects developed within EU Strategy for the Danube area

Bucharest, July 1, 2011 – EximBank is poised to contribute significantly to successful projects in Southern Romania, which are likely to be included to the EU Strategy for the Danube area, also considering that for such a European initiative, no further funds are to be expected until 2013 from the EU budget. That was the message conveyed by Ionut Costea, President of EximBank during the recent event that marked the onset of proceedings for the implementation of the EU Strategy for the Danube area.

The Strategy is focused on the reinforcement of co-operation between regions, nations and cross-borders while harmonizing all projects either current or about to be applied, in the Danube area. The initiative brings about an organizing pattern for the development of the Danube river, with activities structured on 3 tiers: connecting zones along the river, environmental protection and m growing prosperity in the area.

EximBank holds an important role in the support extended to Romanian companies involved in core economic sectors, by paying attention to projects pertaining to infrastructure development, to activities deployed across the borders, to HR and regional growth.

Under the circumstances, EximBank is entitled to be part of successful projects in the southern part of the country, within the Strategy already mentioned. To this end, by means of its products portfolio, the bank can meet the requirements of local enterprises and authorities running projects which rely on European funds, in order to help them face the difficulties of such programs.

EximBank places at the disposal of companies involved in sector EU programs all its relevant banking products, such as: letters of intent, pre-financing and co-financing; moreover the bank is able to supply sovereign guarantees for all financing types in order to draw in European funds.

Economic operators can reach further information on products meant for entrepreneurs involved in European funded projects by accessing http://www.eximbank.ro/fonduri-ue-4.aspx.