EximBank is focused on how to grant assistance to exports and to draw in EU funds

Timisoara, October 19, 2010 – assisting exports and drawing in EU funds account for the twofold actions focusing the business strategy of EximBank for the time being, asserted the bank representatives in Timisoara, during a convention with local entrepreneurs.

EximBank officials pointed out that the exports are to be regarded as the main item to embolden the Romanian economy presently by means of their upwards dynamics throughout the year. Under the circumstances, a new economic pattern is required relying on boosted exports with EximBank supplying effective solutions to exporting companies, emphasized the representatives of the bank at the Conference „Financing technologies for Romanian exports”, jointly organized with the Romanian Banking Institute (IBR) and the Romanian Association of Exporters and Importers (ANEIR).

„Due to the weight still comparatively low of exports in the GDP, of about 30%, a higher rate of EU funds absorption should be associated in order to leave the crisis behind. Therefore, EximBank is in a position to provide complementary solutions to support the business environment in the proceedings related to European funding”, added EximBank representatives.

The meeting with the entrepreneurs acting in the Timis area is part of the project jointly tackled by EximBank, IBR and ANEIR by convening several meetings with businessmen all over the country in order to present the supportive ways of the bank available to local companies for current activities or growth.

During the event above EximBank officials mentioned that the product portfolio directed at financing, guarantee and insurance enables the bank to grant assistance to exporters business, to SME-s and companies involved in projects associated with key economic sectors, particularly those contributing to the absorption of EU funds. The financing package of the bank can include both current business or investment loans and particular products as state aid, namely: loans at subsidized interest rate and partial rate offset which allows for recovery of up to 50% of the rate paid for the Lei investment credits engaged with other banks.

The sovereign guarantees extended by EximBank are meant for those companies which need credits but lack enough collaterals. The guarantees issued by EximBank take over a significant part of the credit risk so as to ensure an easier access to financing.

As for the insurance, EximBank covers those commercial and political risks likely to occur during international deals or for the implementation of investment projects run by Romanian companies abroad.

Companies expressing an interest in EximBank products may apply directly to the territorial units of the bank, located in Bucharest, Bacau, Brasov, Constanta, Cluj, Craiova, Timisoara, Buzau, Oradea, Deva and Iasi. Likewise further information may be reached at the website www.eximbank.ro or the address informatii@eximbank.ro on particular products and documents.

Banca de Export- Import a Romaniei EximBank S.A. PR & Marketing Dept.
19 October 2010