EximBank, praised by exporters

Bucharest, December 21, 2010 – EximBank was awarded the title of “The most dynamic bank during credit crunch”, as well as the Great Trophy “Petru Crisan”, on behalf of the National Association of Romanian Exporters and Importers (ANEIR).
During the awarding gala, EximBank officials pointed out the significant developments undergone by the bank and duly proved by the records pertaining to the assistance granted to commercial companies, particularly under the present harsh economic circumstances.
Specifically, the guarantees extended in 2009 and in the first nine months of 2010 have amounted to almost LEI 1.2 billion, a gross value six times higher than in 2008. During the first nine months of this year, such guarantees accounted for twice the value recorded throughout the whole year 2008, also meaning 30% in excess of the same from January to September 2009. Moreover, the funding granted for the first nine months of the year soared by almost 20% from last year-end.
EximBank representatives emphasized that several elements helped to reach such results. On the one hand, the financial and banking market with a contained lending process which pressed the entrepreneurs to take advantage of the EximBank offer. On the other hand an array of changes were applied to bank’s current business. For instance, the granting procedure was simplified of sovereign guarantees up to Euro 1.5 million, resulting in a responding time of 10 days only.
Furthermore, throughout this year, EximBank has put in place a comprehensive program of relationships with the business environment, joining the Romanian Banking Institute and ANEIR; the venture materialized in direct meetings with entrepreneurs all over the country and local bank representatives. Therefore, over 300 company managers and local banking representatives have had the opportunity to get a thorough approach to the product portfolio of EximBank. Likewise, workshops have been organized with exporting companies, in particular. Companies from about 10 counties and from Bucharest attended such events.

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EximBank is a specialized bank granting assistance to the Romanian business environment by means of particular products in the range of financing, guarantee and insurance. EximBank is the reliable and supportive partner of those entrepreneurs aiming to develop a successful business.

21 December 2010