EximBank – Bank of the Year on corporate segment

Bucharest, November 11, 2015– EximBank has been awarded as Bank of the Year on corporate segment during the“Financial Leaders’ Hall of Fame 2015” Gala, organized by Business Arena Magazine. The distinction comes as a recognition for the increased support of the economy during the difficult period for the corporate financing.

“EximBank is now going through a special moment in its existence, because 2015 is benchmarking two important stages in the bank’s development. On one hand, we are now closing a vast restructuring process that modernized and adapted the products and services to the current banking standards and practices and, most importantly, to the clients’ needs. The products and services offered by EximBank have reached quality standards that allow us to fully compete with the other commercial banks and to become a preferred banking partner for companies. On the other hand, at this point the bank is starting the process of entering a complete new role in developing the economy by extending the EximBank mandate with the specific attributes of a development bank. It is an outstanding project that will be remembered over the years with the professional pride of being part of this process that introduces for the first time on Romanian market a new model of structuring the finance/banking facilities.”, said Paul Ichim, Executive Vice-President of EximBank, during the award gala.

The bank’s representative has mentioned that, in terms of taking over the attributes of the development bank, the process of revision and up-grading of the legal framework is almost closed and has expressed the conviction that EximBank will have this business area fully operational during the first part of the next year.

”I would like to give my thanks to the EximBank team, that I congratulate for all the good work that we did together; the team we have now supported us in proving to the business community that the bank is functioning on the competitive principles of any other private financial institution on the market and that we can position ourselves as a viable partner for any company.”, added Paul Ichim.

EximBank is a specialized institution actively involved in supporting and promoting the Romanian business environment. Its specific financial instruments – financing, guarantees and insurance – as well as the treasury, cash management and trade finance are available to any company, either SME or big company, involved in international transactions or active solely on internal market.

At the end of September 2015, EximBank has reported net profits of 55 Million Lei, 58% higher than the figures of the first nine months of 2014, and assets that overcome by 16% the value registered at the end of September 2014, due to the ascending trend of granted financing. Also, following the efforts of improving the financing portfolio quality, the bank has registered at the end of September a non performant credit rate of 3.3%, much lower than the average of the banking system of almost 13%.

Additional details on the products: www.eximbank.roor informatii@eximbank.ro