EximBank as member of Factors Chain International may finance partially/totally, with or without recourse to exporters, the commercial invoices related to export activity, issued in the framework of a commercial contract/agreement/confirmed order with deferred payment, for covering the temporary lack of cash between the invoicing date and the due date of payment.


  • Financing without collaterals;
  • An improvement of the cash flow;
  • Payment before due date: “deferred payment ” are converted in “payment at sight’’;
  • A flexible utilization of the funds obtained, according to the immediate needs;
  • Customized payment terms granted to commercial partners and the possibility to conclude new commercial contracts and to extend the business on the new international markets;
  • Protection against the buyer’s credit risk (for factoring without recourse);
  • A better collection management offering the possibility to focus on development of production and sales;
  • Slash of the administrative costs.


Factoring operations:

WITH RECOURSE (domestic and extern)  incurs the take over of the adherent’s residual risk (the exporter) and the right of EximBank to recover the financed amounts should the respective sums have not been received from the external debtor at maturity date, whatever the reason might be.

WITHOUT RECOURSE (domestic and extern) incurs the take over of the external debtor’s risk (the importer), the risk being completely covered by the import factor or an insurance company/ bank.

REVERSE FACTORING (domestic) a financing solution initiated by the ordering party (the debtor) in order to support its suppliers to finance their receivables more easily

Financing of the commercial receivables based on invoices related to goods/services delivered to external markets may be granted as:

  • Individual operation
  • Factoring limit with multiple drawings (revolving).

 Financing period of maximum 270 days from the invoicing date

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