Contactless payment through Google Pay

You can make contactless payments at merchants with your phone at the POS or online purchases where the  Google Pay logo appears on the merchant’s payment page.

Google Pay – electronic wallet application installed on phones with the Android operating system with NFC technology enabled or on smart watches (smartwatches) compatible with Google Pay.

 How do I pay?

You open the phone, authenticate and unlock the phone using the method set at the device level (password, PIN, fingerprint or Face ID) and bring the phone closer to the POS terminal. The payment is made when the specific sound signal accompanied by the tick is heard.

Through the smart watch it is necessary to open the Google Pay application on your device, to authenticate using the methods set at the device level, and then to bring your watch closer to the POS terminal until you receive confirmation through the sound signal or vibration.

How much does it cost? – It’s free! You only need a debit or credit card issued by Exim Banca Romaneasca.

It’s sure? – Any transaction made with Google Pay is validated by fingerprint or security code, so your payments are secured.

Set up Google Pay on your phone:

  • Open the Google Pay (Wallet) application on your phone or download the application from the “Play Store” store
  • Press the “+ Add to Wallet” button followed by “Payment card” and enter the card data (card number, expiration date, CVC) followed by the “Save” button
  • The Google Pay application displays the “Issuer terms:” which you read, scroll through and press the “Accept” button
  • The information that “Your bank needs to verify it’s you” is displayed and you will receive a text message on the telephone number registered with the Bank (###)##XXXX with a verification code. You will press the button “Send text”
  • Enter the verification code received by SMS in the “Code” box in the form of a series of 6 digits (the code is valid for 30 minutes from the date of receipt by SMS) and press „Continue”
  • The message “Card is ready to Pay contactless ” appears and you press the “OK” button. At the same time, you receive the SMS confirmation message “Your card XXXXXX******XXXX has been added to Google Pay. Pay safe, fast and simple! Go shopping!

Your card can be used through Google Pay.

Good to know!

  • You can enroll several cards in Google Pay.
  • If you have several cards enrolled in your Google Pay wallet, you can select the Exim Banca Romaneasca card as the default payment method, selecting the card from the electronic wallet and pressing the details button ⋮ (top right) and choosing the option “Default”
  • Find here the conditions of use of the Google Pay service and also here you will find the Bank’s “terms and conditions” regarding the use of the Google Pay service.
  • Transaction limits via Google Pay are identical to those applicable to the physical card.
  • If you change your phone, it is necessary to add the card to Google Pay again.
  • If the card has expired and the Bank has renewed your card, its data is automatically updated in Google Pay.