eSential Package

Fast, Safe and Handy. Everything ONLINE.

Save time and money. Apply 100% online for the Essential Package and have access to three essential banking products:

  • RON current account,
  • Mastercard Gold debit card,
  • Internet Banking.

Moreover, through the eSential Package, you also have the SMS Alert service through which you are notified about the activities associated with your current account.

Choose the eSential Package so you can shop online and in stores from any merchant in Romania and anywhere around the world, but also for permanent access to the account available from any ATM in the country and abroad.

Choose the eSential Package to make transfers to accounts opened with us or other banks in the country or abroad as well as many other benefits through the Internet Banking solution.

The eSential package is free of charge (zero monthly fee) if, monthly, you have monthly receipts ≥1000 Lei and you make a payment with the card included in the Package. In addition, you benefit from:

  • zero fees for: account opening and administration of Gold Mastercard debit card, delivery of debit card in Romania; withdrawals from the bank ATMs and other ATMs in Romania/other EU member states, receipts, payments made through Internet Banking, as well as for the administration of Internet Banking and SMS Alert services included in the package; making purchases at the POS of accepting merchants;
  • interest rate reductions for consumer and mortgage credits;
  • The administration fee of current accounts in foreign currency associated with this type of package is zero.

You can apply for the eSential Package if you are over 18 years old, unique Romanian citizenship, unique tax residence in Romania and you are not already our client.

Click HERE to enroll 100% online, in only 10 minutes. You have to go through four simple steps:

  1. IDENTIFICATION – is the step in which we collect a first set of data in order to start the enrollment process.
  2. ABOUT YOU – here we ask you for detailed identification elements, specific to a regular account opening.
  3. VIDEO CALL – we validate some information provided by you in the previous steps through a video call.
  4. SIGNING – is the moment when you will electronically sign the documents associated with the eSential package.

After completing the four steps, you will receive on your email address the digitally signed contract as well as the access credentials to the internet banking solution and, in a few days, you will receive by mail the premium debit card, MasterCard Gold.

Click HERE to enroll 100% online!