New House Loan


On March 3, 2022, the Government Decision no. 717/2009 regarding the approval of the norms for the implementation of the “New House” program entered into force, with the related modifications and completions. Considering the allocation by FNGCIMM of the threshold for the year 2022, Banca Romaneasca resumed the granting of Noua Casa loans in all the bank’s agencies.

Find out all the information and details you need so you can confidently take the steps to your New Home!

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Banca Românească can grant First House loans only within the limit allocated by the Ministry of Finance.
If the allocated limit is exhausted, we kindly ask you to take into consideration that it won’t be possible to finalise some loan applications and the bank is not liable for the expenses already incurred.

Your advantages

Zero Costs

  • 0% application analysis fee
  • 0% early repayment fee

Advantageous Interest Rates

  • You benefit from a 2% interest margin

Safety and comfort

  • Financial pre-approval valid for 90 calendar days
  • Extended credit period, maximum 30 years
  • Possibility to obtain a promise of guarantee from FNGCIMM

Adaptability in accepting income

  • You can have several types of income (salaries, pensions, commissions, income from the liberal professions, copyright, etc.)

Reduced financial effort

  • The annual management fee due to FNGCIMM is included in the monthly loan rates

Loan destination Loan value
In the case of any category of dwellings, for which the purchase price (value) is up to EUR 70,000 Max. 66.500 EUR (RON equivalent)
In the case of a new dwelling (for which the reception documents at the end of the construction/consolidation work were signed no more than 5 years before the date of the credit application), the purchase price of which is between EUR 70,001 and a maximum of EUR 140,000 Min. 59.501 EUR (RON equivalent)

Max. 119.000 EUR (RON equivalent)

Interests and commisions

Interest rates

Currency Reference index Reference index value (%) Margin (%) Variable interest rate (%) OCT*(%)
RON IRCC 4,06 2 6,06 6,98

*OCT is calculated for a loan of RON 225,000, granted for a period of 30 years.

The APR calculation includs the fees charged by RNPM, the evaluation fee, the management fee charged by FNGCIMM, the account administration fee. APR does not include costs charged by third parties (valuation insurance, notary costs, OCPI costs, etc).

The interest rate is variable and it is calculated as sum between the IRCC index and the bank’s fixed margin.
The interest rate is revised quaterly on January 1st, April 1st, June 1st, October 1st, based on the reference index IRCC calculated by NBR at the end of each quarter and published on NBR website on last working day of each quarter.


Commission RON
Comision de analiză dosar/ Application analysis commission 0
FNGCIMM Guarantee Management Fee (Monthly FNGCIMM Guarantee Balance) 0.025%
Early repayment fee 0%
RNPM * Registration fee (payable for each registration in the movable archive of the movable guarantees constituted) 87.60 RON
Real estate valuation fee 490 RON – (apartament)
630 ron – (house)

RNPM*: National Register of Mobile Advertising

Other Costs:

  • House insurance – paid by the customer for the entire loan tenor
  • Notary fees – paid by the customer, at the transaction date

Eligibility conditions

Eligibility conditions of the “New House” governmental Program

You can participate in the governmental program “First House”, if:

  • At the application date either, you don’t own a house, individually or together with the spouse, regardless of how and when the house was purchased, either, you can own, individually or together with the spouse, no more than a house with less than 50 sqm, purchased in any other way than through the “First House” program
  • You have a minimum 5% own contribution of the purchase price for all categories of homes, if the price is maximum EUR 70,000, RON equivalent at the NBR exchange rate valid at the date of concluding the pre-sale-purchase contract, respectively minimum 15% of the price for the purchase of new homes, if the price is between EUR 70,001 and EUR 140,000, RON equivalent at the NBR exchange rate valid at the date of concluding the pre-contract of sale-purchase
  • You will buy only one house through the “First House” governmental program,

Eligibility conditions of the “New House” loan

You can request a “New House” loan from Banca Romaneasca:

  • You are a Romanian citizen
  • The co-debtor is a Romanian or a foreign citizen with permanent or temporary residence in Romania or with residence in OECD/UE countries
  • You are aged between 20 and 70 (at the end of lending period)
  • You have a monthly income of minimum 1200 RON per family
  • If necessary, you can bring maximum 2 co-debtors

Loan Guarantee

  • First rank mortgage over the house bought through the “First House” loan, in favor of the Bank and in favor of the Romanian State through the Ministry of Finance, proportional with the guarantee percentage.
  • The guarantee issued by the FNGCIMM for the Romanian state, through the Guarantee Contract concluded between the FNGCIMM, Bank and the borrower, for the guaranteed amount from the outstanding balance of the loan.
  • Mortgage movable for the cash collateral deposit equal with 3 monthly interest installments, opened in the loan currency in favor of the Bank.
  • Mortgage movable over the present and future credit balances of the accounts held by the borrower at Banca Romaneasca.
  • House Insurance policy assigned in favor of the Bank and in favor of the Romanian State, through the Ministry of Finance.

Necessary documents

  • ID of the applicant and co-debtor (original)
  • ANAF agreement
  • The ID copies of the sellers
  • Real estate ownership documents, Cadastral File, certificate of ownership registration in Information Excerpt of the Land Book
  • Pre-selling contract authenticated, stating the acquisition price and the own contribution
  • Self Liability statement, attesting the framing in the eligibility criteria of the “First House” program
  • Energy performance certificate